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My friend’s boyfriend thinks my boss has Aspergers

I arrived in Philadelphia today and headed straight to my old office for my old company, the one I used to freelance for, then worked full-time for, and now freelance for again.  I’m in town for the company’s annual retreat, an event that I considered not attending, but was afraid to turn down an invitation to for fear of signaling a lack of interest in their future direction.

When I arrived at the office today I was happy to greet former coworkers and gave hugs and waves all around.  Then, I settled in, pulled out my computer, and realized that I didn’t have a plan for talking to my boss.  And then I realized that I didn’t actually know if my boss and I were talking.  Like, in general, not just that afternoon.  We haven’t actually spoken since he blew up in a sudden display of aggrieved emotion in November that was so bad that my other boss called immediately to distance himself from it.  Since then, Boss #2 has done all of the interaction with me – a complete change from my last 4 years with the company.  So given that, I thought it was reasonable to wonder – are Boss #1 and I speaking?

I suppose I got my answer when he came over to speak with me.  He asked if I had business in the office that afternoon, then asked if my semester abroad went well.  I said that it had been wonderful and that I’d been sad to leave.  He cocked his head to the side quizzically. “Sad?  Why?”  I explained that I had to leave a classroom full of kids I loved and a city that I was very happy living in.  “But don’t you like Charlottesville?”  I assured him I did, and that while I was happy to be home I was still sad to leave.  He thanked me for coming and said he was sure I would make valuable contributions to the retreat.  And then he walked away.

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